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Use this industrial knit fire sleeve to protect you hydraulic hoses from heat and abrasion.

Product Consultation

Our team offers assistance on all of our products we provide. As a result of our many years of experience in the field we can help our customers diagnose problems they may experience and offer the most reasonable, cost effective, and time saving solutions available. Call, email, or stop by our store with any questions you may have and our skilled team of professionals will go to work to find the best solution for you. 

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Follow the link to view the cross reference charts to find a competitor's hose end and match it to a Couplamatic hose end. 

Cross Over Charts

It is very important to know the final outside diameter when crimping a hose end onto a hose! Use the charts below to ensure proper crimp size!

Formulas & Conversions

Fluidyne VQ Double Vane Pump
Fluidyne 101 H Series Motor
Reservoir thermometer. Hydraulic sight glass
Data Conversions and Notes
Yates Hyraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Piping and Tubing with Clamps
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